Final Tables

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2021

The Final Table

So you’ve outlasted the huge majority of a field and have only a few opponents left to capture the large first place prize and any trophies that may come with it. This experience is what draws most of us to the wonderful and painful game of tournament poker. Each final table is a unique beast in terms of payouts, structure, field size, and opponents. In order for us to perform our best and (most importantly) maximize our win rates, it is crucial to understand the differences in final tables, what factors are most crucial and how to analyze them so we can make the best decisions possible.

In my opinion there are a handful of different kinds of final tables.

Small field: Micro – Midstakes

Small field: High Stakes

Medium field: Micro – Midstakes

Medium field: High Stakes

Large field: Micro – Midstakes

Large field: High Stakes

Each one of the above has different subtypes of: Regular speed, Deep Stack, Turbo, Hyper Turbo, PSKO, and Turbo PSKO....

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The 8 Stages of a Poker Tournament

In this article, I am going to discuss the general main stages of a tournament, how to quantify them, and how various types of stacks during each stage should be played. I will also turn this piece into a video, so if you are a LearnProPoker member, please make sure to watch that while reading this article by clicking here.

Non-members: we will be having a big end-of-year sale starting within the next week. It should be our last sale for a while, so don’t miss your chance to join LPP at a discount!

There are effectively 8 stages of a tournament:

-Early (Re-Entry open)
-Early (Entry Closed/Freeze Out)
-Near Bubble
-Money Bubble
-In The Money (Early)
-In The Money (Late)
-Final Table Bubble
-Final Table

The Early Stages

In the early stages of the tournament we have 85%+ of the field remaining. Because play is different whether we are in a re-entry tournament or whether registration is closed, I am splitting these into 2 categories although they play very similarly.

During the Early...

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The Journey Ep. 1 - The Journey Begins

blog the journey Dec 03, 2020

It all started when Ryan Laplante had an idea.

“Recently I have given some thought to what is possible as a poker player in today’s industry. I wanted to make sure people knew that the poker dream was still very much alive, and that we at LearnProPoker can help make it into a reality. That’s what inspired my idea for The Journey.”

I started to look for the right kind of player to demonstrate this. They would need to be someone with the type of passion and dedication to the game that would be willing to put in the needed work, but might have struggled previously to have the kind of breakthrough necessary to achieve their goals and dreams.”

It took a bit of searching but Ryan eventually did find the right player. For the next year, Rob Gardner will be partnering with LearnProPoker in a new style of content for everyone to follow along with called The Journey.

Asked about the format, Ryan outlined, “We are starting with putting in volume at...

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LearnProPoker Concepts 1 - “The Online Grind”

2020 blog Oct 26, 2020


LearnProPoker Concepts #1 - “The Online Grind”
By: Ryan Laplante

This is the first article in my series on how to approach playing online poker in terms of:


Let's get started with...


The main reasons people play online are:
For fun, to improve, to grind out a side income, and to make a living.

For Fun
If you are playing online for fun and don’t take it very seriously, then you are essentially gambling and should treat it as such.

To Improve
This is by far the most common reason people play online. The main reason this works so well is the number of hands you can play, and the relative difficulty is much higher and thus provides good and cheaper practice compared to live tournaments. As an example, the difficulty of an $11 buy-in on ACR is likely equivalent to a $600 buy-in in Las Vegas.

If your goal is to improve, you are going to want to learn how to use the basic study tools like RangeTrainerPro, GTOTrainer, PokerTracker, ICMizer,...

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RangeTrainerPro is Making Ranges From the World's Best Pros ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE

Hey everyone, Ryan here!

RangeTrainerPro hasn't disappointed in their latest major update! Over the last several months, they've been making quiet and consistent updates and improvements. But, today they came in with an absolutely nuclear update that is going to supercharge your poker development! 

In it, they have launched a Range Subscription to make elite ranges accessible to everyone!

RangeTrainerPro and LearnProPoker strongly believe in giving as many people as possible access to these ranges in an affordable and approachable way. Making learning and playing at the highest level available to everyone willing to work hard for it, and not just to those who can afford to pay thousands of dollars to access.

Let's go over exactly what this update is all about and what you're going to get with a Range Subscription.

What is a Range Subscription?

You can now get access to RangeTrainerPro’s entire library of GTO Solved Ranges, nearly 550 ranges worth $1200, for as little as...

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Welcome Jesse Fullen To LearnProPoker!

announcement news Jun 12, 2020

LearnProPoker is proud to announce that Jesse Fullen is joining our team!

Jesse has loved poker since being introduced to it in the mid-2000s, but has most enjoyed working to help others experience the game.

He started in 2007 as a dealer/venue manager for a bar poker league. From there, Jesse has spent the last few years working for PokerNews assisting with social media during the 2019 WSOP and working for Run It Up studios in a social media and marketing position.

Jesse looks forward to spending his off time with his wife of nearly 13 years, and his two young daughters, at their home in Las Vegas, NV.

Be sure to follow him on Twitch and Twitter!

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10 Brand New Post-Flop Theory Videos and Introducing Michael "GTO Master" Acevedo

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2020

Hey everyone!

Ryan here and I want to start Summer 2020 with some big news.

A bit of history first... Exactly one year ago, in June of 2019, we launched LearnProPoker. We started with around 25 videos but now we have over 100! Our site and community has grown tremendously over the past year thanks to our amazing members' support. In fact our discord community now has more than 1300 active members.

While we have grown in size, that hasn’t prevented me from answering every hand history or theory question asked of me by our members, or from launching new content every month, or from hosting our weekly group coaching sessionsOur members truly enjoy our content and often say that we are the best value on the market.

Recently, I've been working tirelessly to boost our post flop theory content. Although I knew I could build all this content out myself, I felt that it would be missing something...

About a year ago I was fortunate to be introduced to ...

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LPP 10k Main Event Competition - Final Table Live Stream on Saturday May 30th!

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

After 6 months of competition, the Final Table is set! 8 competitors remain and only one of them will receive the coveted Main Event seat.

We will be live-streaming the complete Final Table. I will be doing full commentary and I'm also happy to announce that David Tuchman will be joining me live!

Join us on on Saturday, May 30, starting at 10 AM PST on my twitch channel:

Here are the remaining players:

The overall winner from Level 2, Luke from England has been playing poker for over 20 years. While poker is very much a recreation for Luke, don't let that fool you as finishing atop the leaderboard was no easy feat. Discussing LearnProPoker, which he has been a member of since the beginning, Luke says, "Initially all of the preflop theory videos were great for giving me a framework for making decisions and looking back through my hand histories. Now I particularly enjoy the 1 on 1 videos and hand history...

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The 4th Month of the $10,000 Main Event Competition Results Are In!

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2020

Month 4 of the $10,000 Main Event Competition is officially over! The overall winner of the month was Slieve McDichael with 21.8 points. They had already qualified for Level 2, in a previous month, but for being the overall winner this month they have earned free membership until June! Also, if they are an overall winner in the last month (April), they will get a free 2-hour 1on1 session with LearnProPoker Coach Ryan LaPlante!

April is the 5th and final month of our 5 Level 1s. Don't miss out on your last chance to qualify for Level 2 and get closer to that 10,000 dollars stake!

Check out the full results below!


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The 3rd Month of the $10,000 Main Event Competition is Wrapped!

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2020

Month 3 of the $10,000 Main Event Competition is officially complete! The overall winner of the month wasRDiesel11 with 20.9 points. In addition to being one of the 20 players who have qualified for Level 2, they also have earned free membership until June! Also, if they are an overall winner in a 2nd month, they will get a free 2-hour 1on1 session with LearnProPoker Coach Ryan LaPlante!

March is the 4th month of our 5 Level 1s. Don't miss your chance at being in the next level and getting one step closer to the $10,000 stake!

Check out the full results below!

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