Blog #1: The Start Of An Adventure

Hello, Ryan Laplante here! Welcome to’s 1st ever blog post!

We plan on using this as a means to keep you all updated as to what is going on at the site, what plans we have for content coming up, and our longer term goals. It will also have occasional articles about various aspects of the game.

I may also occasionally fill you all in on my own personal thoughts about everything going on with the site, my general grind, and anything else I believe to be interesting about poker or life.

I personally view LearnProPoker as a living and evolving project. I intend to add content to it monthly as I improve as a player, or, as mistakes are discovered, I will fix and update content. While currently we just have a few styles of video, there will be many more types added, as well as different kinds of content as well. My goal is to make as diverse and interesting of learning content as possible, and make each month you are a member a valuable and worthy experience for...

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