LearnProPoker Concepts 1 - “The Online Grind”

2020 blog Oct 26, 2020


LearnProPoker Concepts #1 - “The Online Grind”
By: Ryan Laplante

This is the first article in my series on how to approach playing online poker in terms of:


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The main reasons people play online are:
For fun, to improve, to grind out a side income, and to make a living.

For Fun
If you are playing online for fun and don’t take it very seriously, then you are essentially gambling and should treat it as such.

To Improve
This is by far the most common reason people play online. The main reason this works so well is the number of hands you can play, and the relative difficulty is much higher and thus provides good and cheaper practice compared to live tournaments. As an example, the difficulty of an $11 buy-in on ACR is likely equivalent to a $600 buy-in in Las Vegas.

If your goal is to improve, you are going to want to learn how to use the basic study tools like RangeTrainerPro, GTOTrainer, PokerTracker, ICMizer,...

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2019 Review And 2020 Goals

2019 2020 review update Jan 06, 2020


2019 was easily the best year of my life.

I spent the 1st half of the year focused on building the content for LearnProPoker (LPP). I still played a lot of local 400's+, and made some decent final tables, like the $1600 Wynn Championship, but I spent the majority of my time building LPP.

Developing the content to live up to the quality and style I expect for the site has been more demanding than I ever could have imagined. In fact, knowing what I know now, I likely wouldn't have ever launched LearnProPoker. The 67 total videos we have represents more than 700 hours of work for me alone, and many more hours of work for my business partners Gary and K.L. (highhands89).

The support we have received, and the feedback I have gotten has been incredible. I am deeply thankful and appreciative of all of it. I am glad the site has been able to help so many improve their game and help them have good results! It makes all the work we have put into it worth it.

The rest of my 2019 poker...

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