Ryan's WSOP Roundup #1

2021 ryan laplante wsop Oct 25, 2021

We're nearly a month into the 2021 World Series of Poker, and it's time to check in on Ryan's progress!

WSOP 2021 Online

The WSOP online series went very well for Ryan, who made the final table in both of the WSOP Lucky Seven events, finishing 3rd in Event #25: No Limit Hold'em Lucky 7's High Roller for $120,638 and 5th in Event #7: No Limit Hold'em Lucky 7's for $27,350.

WSOP 2021 Live Results

3 weeks into the series has had Ryan making a bundle of deep runs, but still waiting to break into his first Final Table of WSOP 2021. His 9 live cashes include a mix of No Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, as well as Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better.

His highest finish was in Event #4: The Reunion ($500), where he finished just outside the final 2 tables out of a staggering 12,973 entries. That run also is his largest live cash of the series to date ($18,117).

The next two largest live cashes include higher buy-ins and different formats. He made the money in...

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Content Drop Feb. 28th, 2021

2021 blog Mar 01, 2021


February has gone by quickly, but I'm closing out the month with a 4-pack of uploads!

My deep run in this year's $10,000 WSOP Main Event is now reviewable for all members! Watch along as I breakdown my hands with Daniel Negreanu and others, and see how far I get...

GGPoker Pro Patrick "Egption" Tardif takes a break from the stream grind to join me for our weekly group study session! We review LPP member hand history submissions, so this upload is perfect whether you're looking to watch for the first time or want to review something again!

Shaundle Pruitt and Rob Gardner guest host the weekly study session, analyzing a deep run of Rob's and fielding questions from LPP members!

Ryan and PokerDad have a 1-on-1 coaching session to study a deep run in an ACR $1K GTD!

As always, thanks for for being a LPP member!

Your coach,
Ryan Laplante

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ICM Factor

2021 blog Feb 02, 2021

LPP members can watch the accompanying video alongside this blogpost here.

What Is ICM Factor?

ICM Factor is a concept I created in order to efficiently and easily explain how much ICM will factor into a given situation.

What Makes Up ICM Factor?

ICM Factor can be applied to any aspect of a tournament that may be impacted by ICM. The following concepts are what you will have to consider:

-What stage of the tournament you are in
-How big of a field you are playing and the amount paid
-What the payout structure is
-How much above or below average stack you are
-How much is your stack utility impacted, and how often. This can be explained as: Does your opponent/s cover you, if so by how much? If you cover them, then by how much and are they actively applying pressure?
-How close to the money bubble you are
-How many buy-ins a mincash is
-How close to the final table you are
-What the stack sizes are at the final table, and how each impacts ICM

The more each of these matter in your given...

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