RangeTrainerPro is Making Ranges From the World's Best Pros ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE

gto range trainer rangetrainerpro Sep 15, 2020

Hey everyone, Ryan here!

RangeTrainerPro hasn't disappointed in their latest major update! Over the last several months, they've been making quiet and consistent updates and improvements. But, today they came in with an absolutely nuclear update that is going to supercharge your poker development! 

In it, they have launched a Range Subscription to make elite ranges accessible to everyone!

RangeTrainerPro and LearnProPoker strongly believe in giving as many people as possible access to these ranges in an affordable and approachable way. Making learning and playing at the highest level available to everyone willing to work hard for it, and not just to those who can afford to pay thousands of dollars to access.

Let's go over exactly what this update is all about and what you're going to get with a Range Subscription.

What is a Range Subscription?

You can now get access to RangeTrainerPro’s entire library of GTO Solved Ranges, nearly 550 ranges worth $1200, for as little as $30/month! This subscription has all of the features you know and love from the Premium Subscription, including the ability to add an unlimited number of your own weighted ranges AND access to the revolutionary Range Trainer!

Also, you'll be the first to get updates and additional ranges as RTP’s library continues to improve and expand.

What ranges are included?

A Range Subscription gives you access to all of the GTO Solved Ranges in RangeTrainerPro’s database. These ranges cover 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100bb stack depths and include the following scenarios

  • Raise First In
  • vs Single Action (meaning a player ahead of you has either limped, raised, or went all-in)
  • Overcalling and Squeezing (meaning a player ahead of you has raised and another player called)

The database is constantly expanding and the next major release of ranges will include facing a 3-Bet.

What if I already have a Premium Subscription?

Anyone who currently has a Premium Subscription can upgrade to a Range Subscription at any time and you will be given a prorated price. You absolutely will not be paying for more than one subscription and definitely won't be paying more.

I see that I can still buy the ranges as a one time purchase, why is that?

The entire reason for launching the Range Subscription was to make getting access to elite level ranges as affordable as possible. In an effort to do that, it became obvious that spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars just isn't possible for many folks.

However, RTP still wants to make that option available, as purchasing them outright will actually be a lower cost in the long run if you're able to handle a large one-time investment. So, they’re giving you the ultimate flexibility by allowing you to choose whether you want to subscribe to ranges or subscribe to our original Premium Subscription and purchase the ranges outright.

Sign up now for Range Subscription for only $30/month!

I believe it is vital to have a strong, fundamental foundation for your game, especially pre-flop. That’s why learning the GTO ranges is incredibly important in order for you to best understand how to approach and adjust to all stages in a tournament.

I personally use RTP to work on my own game, and I strongly suggest that you do as well!

Sign up now for Range Subscription for only $30/month!

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