10 Brand New Post-Flop Theory Videos and Introducing Michael "GTO Master" Acevedo

Jun 07, 2020

Hey everyone!

Ryan here and I want to start Summer 2020 with some big news.

A bit of history first... Exactly one year ago, in June of 2019, we launched LearnProPoker. We started with around 25 videos but now we have over 100! Our site and community has grown tremendously over the past year thanks to our amazing members' support. In fact our discord community now has more than 1300 active members.

While we have grown in size, that hasn’t prevented me from answering every hand history or theory question asked of me by our members, or from launching new content every month, or from hosting our weekly group coaching sessionsOur members truly enjoy our content and often say that we are the best value on the market.

Recently, I've been working tirelessly to boost our post flop theory content. Although I knew I could build all this content out myself, I felt that it would be missing something...

About a year ago I was fortunate to be introduced to Michael Acevedo, right after he launched his incredible book in 2019: Modern Poker Theory: Building An Unbeatable Strategy Based On GTO Principles”.

After meeting him, and seeing the quality of his content, as well as knowing his reputation throughout the rest of the community, I knew that he was someone I wanted to work with. 3 months ago I started the process for us to do just that...

When we started our discussion on how we could work together, and how he could help me out, he showed me his “Dream Machine”, an amazing data aggregation tool that he built around 3 years ago, and has been improving since. He is able to use this incredible tool to better understand how “Game Theory Optimal” poker works as a whole using the 1755 strategically unique flops and running many thousands of solves on them based on many different types of situations. 

One of the most powerful aspects of it, is the ability to look at the data from many different view points, such as: stack depth, positions, type of board texture, what the flop/turn/river look like in any fashion, what part of your Equity Bucket range you have, whether it is a common or uncommon situation, and many many other ways.

Here is an image showing how it works:

While the data shown in this image is great, this is just a tiny amount of the value you can get out of it. This is why the information we have been getting from it is impressive to me in many ways, and so incredibly useful as a means to learn as a player and to teach others as a coach.

Michael has aggregated data from over 20TB of GTO Postflop solutions. Here are a few other short snippets of the vast amount of data that Michael and I are working with:

In addition to building his Dream Machine and writing one of the best books about NLHE, Acevedo is also a wizard with PioSOLVER and most other poker tools people use to improve their game. This means that the partnership LearnProPoker has formed with him will enable us to provide STATE OF THE ART theory and data that is not currently available at any other training sites.

I was very excited to get started on making new content right away with Acevedo and his Dream Machine, so that’s exactly what we did! With Acevedo’s powerful machine, as well as his impressive overall knowledge, assisting me on research and writing we hatched a plan to launch:

10 BRAND NEW Post Flop Videos that you can access RIGHT NOW!

  • Post Flop Terms And Flops Classifications: Learn how to categorize flops from a theory perspective.
  • Intro To Flop Textures: Learn the difference between Wet/Dry and Dynamic/Static board textures.
  • Theory Of Betting: Learn the 3 main reasons to bet based on GTO principles.
  • Intro To Equity Buckets: A new concept created by Michael Acevedo to categorize hands based on equity.
  • Intro To Flop Leading: Learn the theory behind leading the flop and how to build your strategy.
  • Intro To Flop Continuation Bet: Learn the theory behind Flop Continuation Betting and how to build your strategy.
  • Intro To Flop C-Bet Defense: Learn the theory behind how to play vs a Flop C-Bet and how to build your strategy.
  • Intro To Turn Leading: Learn the theory behind leading the Turn and how to build your strategy.
  • Intro To Turn Barreling: Learn the theory behind barreling the Turn and how to build your strategy.*
  • Minimum Defense Frequency And Alpha: Learn about 2 of the most important concepts that build the foundation to making river decisions.

They are located in the Fundamentals Section here:

Doing such a partnership and this big of a launch isn’t cheap! So, that means we are going to charge a $1,000 access fee, or $100/month, in order to have our pricing in line with our competitors…


Actually we are going to do the opposite of that!

Starting today, and running until July 1st we are going to run our Summer Sale where you can get access for only $30/month. Or, you can buy yearly access for only $305/year! This is the cheapest rate we have offered since our Early Bird Special ended.

Get the MONTHLY Deal for only $30/month >>
Get the YEARLY Deal for only $305/year >>

These 10 videos, and this partnership are just the beginning. We will be launching at least 2 new post flop theory videos, made with help of Acevedo, each of the next 3 months (and possibly longer!), as well as our usually added content.

I know that LearnProPoker is the best value way to learn tournament poker on the market. But my goal is to make LearnProPoker the absolute best place for anyone to learn tournament poker theory.

To those who are currently members: You have my sincerest gratitude, as this partnership and these videos wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Thank you for reading and best of luck at the tables!

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