$36,000 Score for LearnProPoker Member DHPoker

interview member win Jan 19, 2020


LearnProPoker members are off to a blistering start in 2020! 

On January 5th, DHPoker finished 1st out of 2209 players in the $109 $150,000 Warm Up on Black Chip Poker (an Americas Cardroom skin) for $36,050.88!!!!

We caught up with him recently to chat with him about his massive score and how LearnProPoker has helped him grow as a poker player.

Congratulations on the excellent run! So, for those who don't know you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a 23-year-old from Massachusetts. In addition to poker, I am also interested in sports, fitness, hanging with friends, anything outgoing which I hope to do more of.

How did you get started in poker? When did you start playing and at what point did you start taking it seriously/studying?

I was first introduced to Poker when I was 8 (around the time Moneymaker won the main) My older brothers were interested in poker and would occasionally have home games with their friends. Naturally, I was instantly interested and...

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2019 Review And 2020 Goals

2019 2020 review update Jan 07, 2020


2019 was easily the best year of my life.

I spent the 1st half of the year focused on building the content for LearnProPoker (LPP). I still played a lot of local 400's+, and made some decent final tables, like the $1600 Wynn Championship, but I spent the majority of my time building LPP.

Developing the content to live up to the quality and style I expect for the site has been more demanding than I ever could have imagined. In fact, knowing what I know now, I likely wouldn't have ever launched LearnProPoker. The 67 total videos we have represents more than 700 hours of work for me alone, and many more hours of work for my business partners Gary and K.L. (highhands89).

The support we have received, and the feedback I have gotten has been incredible. I am deeply thankful and appreciative of all of it. I am glad the site has been able to help so many improve their game and help them have good results! It makes all the work we have put into it worth it.

The rest of my 2019 poker...

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The Results Are In for The First Month of the $10,000 Main Event Competition!

competition results Jan 02, 2020

The first month of the $10,000 Main Event Competition is in the books and it was even more popular than we could have imagined! The overall winner of the first month is JasperJr with 25.71 points. In addition to being one of the 20 players who have qualified for Level 2, they also have earned free membership until June! Also, if they are an overall member in a 2nd month, they will get a free 2hour 1on1 session with LearnProPoker Coach Ryan LaPlante!

Check out the full results below!

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Blog #7: November to Remember

announcement news update Dec 12, 2019

It's been an incredibly busy this past month here at LearnProPoker! In November we ended our Early Bird special as we officially fully launched. With that full launch, you saw the introduction of the first several videos of post-flop content and in the last week, 3 new post-flop theory videos have been posted, including our first theory video in our new section "Turn Play".

Those videos are:

  • Mid Stack HJ vs BB: 975ssd
  • HJ-CO vs BB on Wet Boards - Hand History Examples
  • Turn Deep Stack EP Vs BB A72r

In the next week, the 2 most recent group sessions I hosted are going up along with 2 new 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with members of our Stream Team.

With the start of December, the $10,000 Main Event Competition has officially begun and we are now one week into the first month. You can read about the competition here and see the update of the first week here.

We also announced the official release of our dedicated mobile app. With this app, you can more easily access and get all of the...

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LearnProPoker is officially partnering with RangeTrainerPro

We've been teasing something very exciting the last several weeks and we're finally able to officially announce that LearnProPoker is partnering with the just-launched RangeTrainerPro!

So, what is RangeTrainerPro?

Co-founded by K.L. “highhands89” Cleeton, RangeTrainerPro is a brand-new training app made by poker players, for poker players. With the app, you can store an unlimited number of ranges for absolutely free. It is designed to more efficiently organize ranges based on position and stack depth so you can find a range for a specific scenario more quickly. All ranges are stored in the cloud so you can access them from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. 

However, this isn't the most valuable aspect of RangeTrainerPro.

With a subscription to RangeTrainerPro, you get access to unlimited Training, where you can learn and memorize ranges, sharpen your skills, and be prepared for real-world action. Whether you want to train on a...

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The $10,000 Main Event Competition is Officially Underway

competition news update Dec 10, 2019

The first week of the LearnProPoker $10,000 Competition is in the books and the tournament fields were even larger than expected. We average roughly 60 entrants in each of the first 4 tournaments and with the competition continuing to grow, we have every expectation that the tournaments will only get larger as well.

As of the end of week 1, these are the top 20 in points.

There is still plenty to battle for as places 15-30 are separated by just over 3 points. Remember, you only have to be in the top 20 at the end of the month in order to move on to Level 2 in May!

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Blog #6: Full Launch Is Here! Early Bird Special Ending On Nov 17th

announcement news update Nov 02, 2019

Thank you for being on this journey of LearnProPoker with me!

It began for me almost 2 years ago as an idea I had about making quality, high-end training content in a way that everyone could understand and also afford. I knew it was possible to make structured, organized content that made it easy to find what aspect of your game you wanted to work on and make it quick and efficient to do so. I had approached other sites about this years ago and none were interested.

Thankfully for all of us, a friend of mine was willing to help turn this from an idea I had into a reality and thus LearnProPoker was born! 

It's official! We are now fully launched! We pre-launched in June with about 30 videos. Since then we've added a bunch more videos and our weekly group coaching sessions.

Your subscription now gets you access to:

  • Fundamentals of No-Limit Hold'em Tournaments (42 Videos, 7.5 hours)
    Enjoy a growing library of game theory optimal based videos and companion...
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Blog #5: Announcing the LearnProPoker $10,000 Main Event Competition

LearnProPoker is only a few months old, but already the library of content has more than doubled! Our subscribers are growing, learning, and achieving with a constant flow of content aimed directly at increasing their dominance in the game and, by extension, their win rate.

I’ve always believed in the content we have on LearnProPoker. I wouldn’t have launched the site and asked you to put your trust in it if I didn’t fully and completely feel that it has the ability to help everyone grow in the game.

Well, now I’m taking that belief to the next level! LearnProPoker is putting its money where its mouth is and we are going to hold a six-month competition that will culminate in 1 winner being offered at $10,000 stake to play in a main event in Las Vegas in July 2020!

You've read that right, LearnProPoker is going to stake one of its members $10,000 to play in a live...

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Blog #4: Updated Site Layout, New Videos, and Streaming WCOOP!

site content Sep 12, 2019

To make the content more organized and easy to find exactly what you want to study and how you want to study we have added a new area: Application Of Theory: Tournament Reviews, 1on1, and Group Coaching Sessions

This new area will hold content that is focused on teaching you how to apply the theory in real situations. Located here will be the weekly group study sessions, 1on1 coaching sessions with streamers, and full Hand-History Reviews of tournaments I have played or users have sent in to me.

To access this content there is nothing extra you need to do. It is already a part of your current monthly membership! To access this content simply click on “My Library” and you will see it in your course list.

We decided to make this change to split up the “structured GTO based” content from the “application” side of the site. This should make it much easier to find what style of learning you want to focus on.

Along with this site...

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Blog #3: Hard Work Pays Off

site content Sep 02, 2019

Running a training site is a lot of hard work, but I’ve found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing members put up consistently good results, and have many of them state how much the content has helped their games has been very worthwhile and satisfying.

The feedback on content has helped motivate me to keep doing my best to provide as up to date and high quality of content as I am capable of. Thankfully with editing and production help from HighHands89 the content is up to the high standards that I hold myself to and members have come to expect.

We are now up to a total of 40 videos!

For this month’s new content we have added the following 6 videos:

New Structured Content:

  • Short Stack vs Early Position Open - Learn what a GTO 20bb EP opening range looks like, and learn the GTO way to play against it from MP/LP/SB and BB. 

  • Short Stack vs Early Position Open - Hand History Examples - See hands I have played this year in...
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