- Tell us about how you received this stake from Learn Pro Poker.

LPP ran a contest from 12/2019 to 5/2020 for all members. It was a series of tournaments to earn points into the finale. I was fortunate enough to run well and win it all.
What’s your experience level in terms of poker tournaments? As in, which games and which stakes do you normally play?

I just got back in to poker mid-2018 as my kids started to get older. Since then I have played mostly live tournaments ranging from $400-$1600, NLHE only. 
- How are you feeling going into your first WSOP main event?

Excited and lucky to have the shot, feeling confident to start, and hoping to keep that mentality going.

- How has LPP helped you prepare for the tournament?

The LPP videos and coaching sessions have given me a strong foundation to build from using both theory and exploitative strategies. 
- You recently began using RangeTrainerPro as a study tool as well. Can you tell us about your experience using it to prepare for poker tournaments?

For me, RTP gives me the opportunity to build a solid range for my own play, understand what the ranges of my stronger opponents will be, and use as a post game study tool to review specific decisions.

- What do you plan to do once you reach the final table?

When I get to the FT, first thing I’m going to do is make sure I can get some family and friends in town to rail, but with the cash, I’m going to put it away for the future/get debt free, take a nice trip or two and go back to playing poker a lot more.
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