Blog #4: Updated Site Layout, New Videos, and Streaming WCOOP!

site content Sep 12, 2019

To make the content more organized and easy to find exactly what you want to study and how you want to study we have added a new area: Application Of Theory: Tournament Reviews, 1on1, and Group Coaching Sessions

This new area will hold content that is focused on teaching you how to apply the theory in real situations. Located here will be the weekly group study sessions, 1on1 coaching sessions with streamers, and full Hand-History Reviews of tournaments I have played or users have sent in to me.

To access this content there is nothing extra you need to do. It is already a part of your current monthly membership! To access this content simply click on “My Library” and you will see it in your course list.

We decided to make this change to split up the “structured GTO based” content from the “application” side of the site. This should make it much easier to find what style of learning you want to focus on.

Along with this site update we are adding the following videos:

Study and Review Sessions:
- Ryan Group Session 03

Streamer 1 on 1 sessions:
- Ryan 1 on 1 Session With: Arlie Shaban
- Ryan 1 on 1 Session With: DWStevie
- Ryan 1 on 1 Session With: Patrick “Egption” Tardif
- Ryan 1 on 1 Session With: Shaundle “CrazySixes” Pruitt

These videos are all 1on1 coaching sessions I have done with the above streamers. This content gives you an insight into each of their games, and how I operate as a coach in real time!

We are also in the process of getting the first batch of Post-Flop content made and uploaded. Expect at least 5 more videos focused on Post-Flop play launched by Monday, September 16!

I am going to be in Toronto to play in the World Championship Of Online Poker. On top of playing in events I am going to be streaming them from my personal twitch page:

Here you will be able to watch me play more than $60,000 in buy-ins from the 15th of September until the 23rd with my hole-cards shown! No membership required to either Twitch or LearnProPoker in order to watch.

Thank you for reading and best of luck at the tables!

Your coach,
Ryan Laplante


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