Blog #3: Hard Work Pays Off

site content Sep 01, 2019

Running a training site is a lot of hard work, but I’ve found it to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Seeing members put up consistently good results, and have many of them state how much the content has helped their games has been very worthwhile and satisfying.

The feedback on content has helped motivate me to keep doing my best to provide as up to date and high quality of content as I am capable of. Thankfully with editing and production help from HighHands89 the content is up to the high standards that I hold myself to and members have come to expect.

We are now up to a total of 40 videos!

For this month’s new content we have added the following 6 videos:

New Structured Content:

  • Short Stack vs Early Position Open - Learn what a GTO 20bb EP opening range looks like, and learn the GTO way to play against it from MP/LP/SB and BB. 

  • Short Stack vs Early Position Open - Hand History Examples - See hands I have played this year in situations where I played vs a raise on 15 to 25bb stack depths. Learn how to apply in real situations the theory you learned in the SS vs EP video.

New Study And Review Content:

  • Ryan Group Session 01 - The 1st group coaching session I have done for the site. I help analyze hands sent in to me and answer general theory questions.

  • Ryan Group Session 02 - I do a session that is focused on how to use PokerTracker 4 to study, review, and analyze your game.

  • Streamer Group Session 01 - HighHands89 is joined by PartyPoker Pro Egption, HH89 interviews Egption, and they discuss theory and review hands sent in by users.

We’ve also added a new site section: Hand History Reviews. In this section I review my own tournaments, those of our streamers, or of users!

New Hand History Review Content:

  • Sunday Million Final Table Review - Part 1

In September I plan on releasing the first post flop videos. There will be a mix of General Theory videos, GTO Videos, and Hand History Review Videos. 

Thank you for reading and best of luck at the tables!

Your coach,
Ryan Laplante

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