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"There’s a reason Ryan’s been one of the most consistent winners over the past decade in both live and online. I’ve always admired his business-like approach to playing poker professionally, and have personally learned a ton from watching his lessons at Chip Leader Coaching. "

Chance Kornuth
2x WSOP bracelet winner, $6.6million in live earnings, owner of Chip Leader Coaching.

"Of all the pros I’ve met in the poker world (and I feel confidant that I’ve met most of them), I can say without a doubt Ryan is one of the hardest working, most passionate players I’ve ever come across. I’m honored that he has kept an open forum where we discuss poker strategy, and hope that he continues to do so for a very long time."

Jesse Sylvia
2nd WSOP Main Event, WPT champion, 7.3million live earnings.

"I’ve known Ryan for years, and not only is he an amazing player, but a phenomenal coach. He puts in more work than almost anyone I know, and I know he’ll be able to help you improve your game."

Mike Del Vecchio
WPT Champion, 3million+ Tournament earnings, 10+ year poker professional.

"I have backed and worked with Ryan Laplante for the last 4 years. He is one of the most honest, hard working players and coaches that i know of. He is a human calculator with numbers and knows math and ranges like the back of his hand. A great person for anyone to learn from."

Owner of Team651, 10 year+ poker professional, coach, and backer. Top ranked high stakes Heads-Up SNG player.

"Ryan is one of the hardest working poker players in the industry, whether it be playing, studying or coaching he is constantly on the grind always improving himself and his students. But possibly more important than any of this he's a great person. He's kind, respectful, honest and will always give his time to anyone who asks for it. There's few, If any, in the poker with world I could recommend as a mentor ahead of Ryan."

Simon Deadman
$3million+ Live Earnings, Hollywood Poker Open Main Event Champion, 10+ year professional poker player and coach.

"I've played with Ryan since 2011. He has always been a tough opponent who has stayed on top of the theory in the game as it has evolved."

James Romero
WPT 5 Diamond Champion. $3+ Million in in Live Earnings. 10 year poker professional.

"Ryan Laplante has worked hard to become a great player. His work ethic shows in his content and makes him a valuable resource to anyone who wants to learn poker."

Taylor Black
Party Poker Millions North America Champion. $2.3million+ in earnings.

"My top three words to describe Ryan Laplante would be driven, passionate and outspoken. Not only is he working hard to solidify his own game with game theory optimal solutions, he is providing it to the poker world as well. I owe so much of my success in the poker industry to his skills and expertise. I have subscribed to multiple training sites and have seen all of the videos Ryan has produced. Ryan is offering the best content available at the lowest prices. Anyone interested, even just a little, in improving their poker game needs to join LearnProPoker."

Kevin Gerhart
WSOP Bracelet Winner, 4 year poker professional.

"Ryan has completely changed the way I approach the game. His process doesn't just teach you how to maximize profitability, he also teaches you how to think about poker and how to make your own adjustments in real time as the composition of your table and opponents change."

Full time poker player and streamer.

"It’s a no-brainer for me to suggest Ryan as a coach and recommend joining LearnProPoker. As his self-proclaimed All-Star student of 2017 and 2018, Ryan was vital to my early success and where I am today. His coaching is always fun and informative. I love his ability to articulate and break down scenarios clearly so they become much more absorbable. He steered me in the right direction and guided me on the poker journey, and I’ll be forever grateful."

Patrick "Egption" Tardif
Twitch Poker Streamer and PartyPoker Pro.

"Ryan is the single hardest working person I’ve met in the poker community, and one of the more thoughtful. Ryan questions why each hand combination fits into a range, what each strategy accomplishes, and how these things can be adjusted to gain maximally from each opponent he plays. Strategically, Ryan thinks, plays, and coaches with a rare flexibility that allows him to constantly evolve, and greatly improve students’ games for all skill levels. The last, and most important quality that stands out about Ryan, is that he values honesty and integrity above everything else."

Cliff GoldKind
WSOP Bracelet Winner and 10+ year poker professional.

"Over the last couple of years I have gotten to know Ryan very well on and off of the felt. Ryan is the kind of person who wants to see all of his friends and students reach their full potential to achieve their goals and dreams, and he knows what it takes to make that happen. His positive attitude, hard work, dedication, and love for the game are contagious! He exudes these qualities day in and day out. For anyone trying to reach new levels of success in poker, as well as in life in general, I would highly recommend absorbing Ryan’s mindset along with his vast wealth of knowledge."

Ryan Leng
WSOP Bracelet Winner, 1.3mil+ live earnings, 11+ year professional poker player and coach.

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