NEW COURSE: "Satellite Masterclass"

by Dara O'Kearney

  • 30 Instructional Videos!

  • Early Game Essentials

  • End Game Concepts and Adjustments

  • PioSOLVER Post Flop Examples

  • Additional Essential Concepts

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A Comprehensive Training Course For Satellite Tournament Mastery

Dear Poker Player,

Over the years, I've found that despite satellite tournaments being one of the more solved forms of poker, they are also one of the softest formats that I play regularly.

Many poker players fundamentally misunderstand the dynamics at play in a satellite tournament, which has led me to play them frequently and immensely profitably.

I've compiled all of my experience and knowledge for satellite tournaments into this course, which is designed to focus in the most crucial stages of the tournament and bring clarity to your end game decision-making.

One of the reasons I love this format is that so few players make the necessary adjustments to be successful, and I'm excited to share that wealth of knowledge with you.

Dara O'Kearney

Getting Started

  • Introducing Dara O'Kearney

  • Bankroll

  • Early Game Dynamics

Satellite Endgame

  • Endgame Intro

  • ICM (Independent Chip Model)

  • ACS (Average Cash Stack)

  • COC (Chances Of Cashing)

  • 10BB

  • Stone Bubble 1

  • Stone Bubble 2

  • Why We Shove a 30BB Stack

  • 5BB and 20BB

  • Adjusting to Bad Players

  • Resteals

  • Limps

  • Unusual Spots

  • Passing on GTO Spots

PioSOLVER Post Flop

  • PioSOLVER 1

  • PioSOLVER 2

  • PioSOLVER 3

  • PioSOLVER 4

  • PioSOLVER 5

  • PioSOLVER 6

  • PioSOLVER 7

Additional Concepts

  • Mega Satellites

  • Mental Game

  • Other Formats

  • Live Satellites

  • Scanning the Lobby

  • 25K High Roller Review